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Personally my favorite hip-hop concert I’ve ever been to is when I saw Atmosphere, Grieves, Blueprint, and DJ Abilities on 4/20 a couple years ago. I’ve yet to top that. Big ass kush blunts were being passed around like presents. I have no idea how that much amazing dankidy-dank successfully got through the security search. No mids at this party.
holy shit jesus christ i can’t believe these words there’s no way this isn’t some big joke on us all
This is actually profound as fuck. Our language defines our emotions, and our emotions define us. We our defined by our language, and the specific words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns we use and choose to utilize to recreate the mental world in which our brains live. We create ourselves though the reflection of our environment and the people we associate with…remember that shit.
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The Heist is the best hip-hop album to come out in 2012
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I was wondering when Vinnie Paz was going to release another song that’s so raw…it makes the meat in the freezer look well done.
this quote deserves its own blog i swear to god
Rollings Stone
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